Understanding Alaska: Economy

Understanding Alaska State Finances

State and local government plays a larger role in the economy of Alaska than any other state. In 2002 the total state budget of $7.4 billion, including federal grants and the Permanent Fund dividend, supported about 100 thousand jobs in the state. For a variety of reasons Alaskans have a very limited understanding of either the sources of funds for this budget or where the money goes. This lack of understanding makes it difficult to implement the fiscal reforms necessary to maintain a balanced budget in future years as oil revenues continue to fall. The product of this study is a better understanding of how to communicate complicated fiscal information to the public so that they can make more informed decisions about fiscal issues important to the economic future of the state.

Understanding Alaska State Finances: What Every Citizen Wants to Know and How to Convey that Information Effectively
A report by Sharman Haley.

Understanding Alaska State Finances: Appendix A
Understanding Alaska State Finances: Appendix B

Understanding Alaska State Finances
A Power Point presentation by Sharman Haley.

Understanding Alaska State Finanaces