Understanding Alaska: Economy

University Research is both an economic enterprise and a contributor to economic development. The University of Alaska attracted $133 million in research funding in 2003, most from outside the state, creating a high wage, labor intensive, clean, and stable industry that adds to the economic base and helps to diversify of the state’s economy. The cost to the state is low, and its benefit extends beyond the jobs, income, and sales it produces for Alaska businesses. Research creates the knowledge that benefits all mankind and the specific “value added” spinoffs that increase the productivity and competitiveness of our own Alaska economy. This study describes and quantifies University Research as an economic enterprise and discusses the contribution of University Research to economic development.

2007 Update: University of Alaska Research:
An Economic Enterprise

Economic Importance of University Research
A report by Scott Goldsmith and Pam Cravez.

Economic Importance of University Research
A Power Point presentation by Scott Goldsmith.