Understanding Alaska: Fisheries

Chignik Salmon Cooperative

In 2002, at the request of a group of permit holders in the Chignik salmon fisheries, the Alaska Board of Fish agreed to allocate a portion of the harvest specifically to permit holders who chose to join a fishing cooperative. Most of the Chignik permit holders joined the co-op, but some who did not join challenged it in court. In early 2006 the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the co-op violated Alaska’s limited entry law and that the Board of Fish could not approve such a major change without the approval of the Alaska Legislature.

Effects of the 2002 Chignik Salmon Cooperative: A Survey of Chignik Salmon Permit Holders
A technical report by Gunnar Knapp.

Effects of the Chignik Cooperative: What the Permit Holders Say
A research summary by Gunnar Knapp

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