Understanding Alaska: Fisheries

Long-Term Outlook for Salmon Returns to Alaska
An article by Milo Adkison and Bruce Finney.

Why We Need to Think about the Long-Term Outlook
for Alaska's Salmon Runs
A Power Point presentation by Gunnar Knapp.

The Long-Term Outlook for Salmon Returns to Alaska
A draft report by Gunnar Knapp.

Restructuring Alaska
Salmon Fisheries
Alaska Seafood Market Changes and Challenges
Chignik Salmon Cooperative Change, Challenges, and Opportunities for Wild Fisheries
Charting New Courses for Alaska Salmon Fisheries:The Legal Waters Fisheries Co-ops and Beyond: Realigning Fisheries Management
Challenges and Strategies for the
Salmon Industry
Changing Alaska's Salmon Harvesting System: What are the challenges?
Long-Term Outlook for Salmon Returns
Enhancing the Marketing and Quality of Alaska's Salmon Fisheries
The Future of Alaska's Salmon Runs